Upcoming Events

Kidz4Missionz - Asia

This year we are excited to embark our WOW Club and One Way Youth through the adventures and trials of serving in Asia. Beginning January 17th and ending March 20th we look forward to the following program itineraries. Join us Wednesday's at 7:00pm!

WOW Club

Lesson 1: The Philippines
Lesson 2: The Philippines
Lesson 3: Taiwan
Lesson 4: Hong Kong & Singapore
Lesson 5: --Valentine's Day party--
Lesson 6: South Korea
Lesson 7: Russia
Lesson 8: Thailand
Lesson 9: Creative Access Nations
Lesson 10: Japan

One Way Youth

Lesson 1: The Philippines
Lesson 2: Vanuatu
Lesson 3: Taiwan
Lesson 4: Cambodia
Lesson 5: Japan & How to Share the Gospel pt 1
Lesson 6: South Korea & Spiritual Discernment
Lesson 7: Russia & pt 2
Lesson 8: Creative Access Nation - China & pt 3
Lesson 9: Creative Access Nation - India & pt 4
Lesson 10: Creative Access Nation - Seafaring Ministry & pt 5


International Dinner

Our annual international dinner is scheduled for Saturday, March 23rd and will begin at 5:00pm. Join us for a fun time of cultural immersion and tastes food from around the world. We will also enjoy fellowship time with guest speakers, a brief message, and (pending) some video updates from currently supported missionaries.

Mission Conference

Our annual mission conference will be Sunday, March 24th with morning service beginning at 11:00am. There will be worship and a round-robin of presentations from missionaries, prior to the service message.


Movie Night



Wednesday, the 6th

John David Williams & Family
The Netherlands

Sunday, the 24th

Romeo and Rose Mañoza
The Samar people, Philippines

Graham Young

Craig and Tammy Mason
Pre-Field Admins for Baptist Missions for Forgotten People